Jasmine Vineyards Debuts New Compostable Clamshell

Jasmine Vineyards Debuts New Compostable Clamshell

DELANO, CA - With fresh produce companies at the top of their game lately, more providers are turning to their packaging to tell their stories for them, especially since the fruit and veg inside already speaks for itself. But instead of crowding its packaging with anything that could distract from the table grapes inside, Jasmine Vineyards is debuting its own clamshell take that is clean, green, and beautifully pristine.

Jon Zaninovich, President of Jasmine Vineyards, pulled back the packaging to give me a glimpse at the thought process behind the grower’s unique, innovative, and eye-catching new design.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“The new clamshell is part of our bigger plan to step up our eco-friendly offerings when it comes to the full line of Jasmine Vineyards’ packaging,” Jon explains to me. “While our bags, punnets, and clamshells are all recyclable, our new backyard compostable clamshell is going to appeal to our health-conscious shoppers who are committed to minimizing the use of plastic.”

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Jasmine Vineyards shares this commitment with its consumers and has already taken steps to minimize its plastic use with its Naked packs, which debuted earlier this year. Now, with the new compostable clamshell, Jasmine Vineyards is taking this commitment one step further.

“The vision behind our new clean clamshell is exactly that: clean! With eco-friendly packaging, the simpler the better, and the grape cutout made both a perfect window and a brand statement,” Jon emphasizes, before giving retailers a shout-out. “We'd love to hear from retailers who want to give these clamshells a try. Our season is coming to an end, but now is actually a great time to test them in stores.”

Jon notes that as the grape season winds down, retailers can use the next month or so to gather customer feedback, which can then inform retailers’ purchasing decisions come June/July 2020.

All eleven of Jasmine Vineyards’ table grape varieties will be housed in the new clamshell, so retailers, what are you waiting for? The packaging future is here, and it’s definitely what you want lining your produce aisle shelves.

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