Kroger Partners With The Dinner Daily To Launch Online Ordering

Kroger Partners With The Dinner Daily To Launch Online Ordering

BOSTON, MA - As consumers continue to cook more at home, it’s not surprising to hear that some have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to answering the question, “What’s for dinner?” Kroger is aiming to take the guesswork out of the meal planning process with its latest partnership with The Dinner Daily.

Laurin Mills, Founder, The Dinner Daily“During the COVID crisis, we’ve seen an unprecedented surge in online ordering and delivery as a convenient and safe way for families to get their weekly groceries,” said Laurin Mills, Founder of the award-winning personalized meal planning service for both grocers and consumers. “Our new integration with Kroger means our members in 24 states can now easily order their groceries directly from their Dinner Daily shopping list in just a few seconds, saving time and making the shopping experience almost effortless, which benefits both the consumer and the grocer.”

The Dinner Daily provides a flexible and personalized online meal planning service. Now, coupled with Kroger, online ordering and delivery will be a snap for Dinner Daily members who shop at Kroger, Fry’s Food, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Pick n Save, and Ralph’s stores. According to the press release, Dinner Daily members receive weekly meal plans that both fit their personal food and dietary preferences that maximize the weekly specials at their selected grocery store.

What makes this service convenient is the customizability; Dinner Daily members receive an organized, editable shopping list that makes shopping a breeze and is now fully integrated with Kroger’s Pickup and Delivery online ordering. A single click will send selected items to their Kroger shopping cart for ordering and scheduling delivery or pickup.

“We know from our members that the hardest part of grocery shopping is meal planning and figuring out what to buy at their grocery store each week. The number two pain point is finding time to get to the store. Now, with our delivery integration with Kroger, we are solving the two biggest challenges of grocery shopping for our Kroger members,” said Mills. “Having a plan that is customized just for you can take all the stress out of making dinners at home. With The Dinner Daily, your plan for a great dinner is ready.”

Kroger recently partnered with The Dinner Daily to bring its award-winning personalized meal planning service to the retailer’s consumers

Recipes used in Dinner Daily menus are curated by the Dinner Daily team to be easy and quick to prepare, healthy, and delicious with a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients—all ready to be made in under 35 minutes or less.

Will we see this convenient service spread to more partnerships in the future? Only time, and ANUK, will tell.

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