Kroger Returns to Muncie with Unique Format to Rival Aldi

Kroger is returning to Muncie, Indiana with its smaller, more-discount oriented grocery store, Ruler Foods. The format will open at the end of September. Kroger hasn’t had a presence in Muncie since 1973, according to The Star Press.Cropped Images August 21Mark Combs, Executive Director of Marketing for Ruler Foods, noted that Ruler Foods isn’t the full-fledged Kroger format but is more in-line with discount grocer Aldi. Aldi currently has two Muncie locations and could feel the challenge of the new rival format. Ruler will feature a mix of Kroger and national brands as well as fresh produce, dry goods, frozen food, dairy, and fresh meat.

“We call it an ‘edited assortment’ store,” Combs said. “That means we’ve gone through and gotten you everything you need to prepare your meals, but maybe not everything you want. We picked so a large part of our customers will be satisfied in their shopping needs."

“Our goal is to make food more affordable,” Combs said. “We believe people will be very happy when they come into the store and shop and compare prices.”

Ruler Foods is run by Kroger’s JC Foods division. The company decided to open its 22nd Ruler Foods in Muncie. The closest other location is in Marion, and the other stores are in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.


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