Lara Grossman Digs Into Ippolito International's Brussels Sprouts Climb in Popularity and Promotions

Lara Grossman Digs Into Ippolito International's Brussels Sprouts Climb in Popularity and Promotions

SALINAS, CA - Roasted, steamed, sautéed, however you make ’em, they will be eaten. I’m talking about Brussels sprouts, of course. The holidays are a great time for consumers to bust out their favorite recipes, and Brussels sprouts are a frequent character on the table. And who better to chat with than Ippolito International’s Lara Grossman on essential holiday promotions?

Lara Grossman, Director of Marketing, Ippolito International“Ippolito International is known for many things—we consider ourselves a ‘one-stop shop’ for most products in the western vegetable category—but our roots are literally founded on Brussels sprouts. And this is the season for turning the oven on and roasting!” Lara, Director of Marketing, tells me.

The popularity of Brussels sprouts continues to grow, much like Ippolito International's sprouts acreage, which is primed and productive. Ippolito’s winter crop is looking good so far with its Salinas, California, acreage still in production. All of which leads to FOBs being even more convenient with the grower’s two locations.

“While inflationary impacts are being felt by us all, ’tis the season for promoting healthy holiday vegetables,” continues Lara. “There are still some shortages on many of the more traditional items, but we are fortunate to have promotable ad volume on Brussels sprouts, which should meet the rush in demand as the holidays near.”

Ippolito International reports promotable volumes of Brussels sprouts this holiday season

To help shoppers meet flavor fantasies, Ippolito provides an abundance of recipes on its website and social media channels that complement products on the grocery aisle floor. Trends show consumers are looking for warming and unique recipes to liven up their holiday season, and they will be on the lookout for some fresh produce in the mix.

“Convenience is always a factor, but we do see the trend shift in the winter months due to consumers’ willingness to enjoy slow cooking,” Lara explains. “Products like our Brussels stalks are unique and festive, creating that wow factor they’re looking for, but with health at the center.”

Will Brussels sprouts be the new ornaments on the dinner table? Maybe. Will ANUK continue to report on the latest trends and market updates? Most definitely.

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