Lipman Family Farms' Morgan Stuckert Discusses Exclusive Grill Packs

Lipman Family Farms' Morgan Stuckert Discusses Exclusive Grill Packs

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IMMOKALEE, FL - When it comes to planning holiday spreads, added value in the produce aisle is one of my best friends, and I know I’m not the only shopper looking to cut corners in the kitchen as we dive into grilling season. That is exactly why every retailer should have Lipman Family Farms’ Grill Packs at the center of their cross-merchandising strategies.

Morgan Stuckert, Marketing Manager, Lipman Family Farms“While our 3-count mixed vegetable Grill Pack offers convenience for summertime recipes, its year-round availability makes it a staple in produce departments,” said Morgan Stuckert, Marketing Manager. “This tomato, pepper, and onion pack can be incorporated into merchandising displays all year long.”

Even with its seasonal flexibility, Morgan emphasized that this offering is highly promotable for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and other summer celebrations, reaching a variety of audiences from grilling masters and BBQ hosts to salsa experts and breakfast omelet champions.

Lipman Family Farms is showcasing its exclusive Grill Packs for prime summer merchandising opportunities as holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day approach

To double down on its efforts for getting shoppers to the shelves, Lipman is providing patriotic trays as well as new grilling-centric merchandising displays.

“Our new grillin’ out merchandisers offer two ‘grill racks’ for product displays,” Morgan told me. “Stored in the center displays and easily cross-merchandised, the mixed veggies are packed in recyclable trays with overwrap film, ensuring shelf-life and dependable, tight-sealed packaging.”

To further draw consumers' eyes, Lipman Family Farms has rolled out patriotic tray packaging and its grillin' out merchandisers for displays

Bringing even more value to the home cook, the grill pack also features a seasonal recipe from Lipman’s Culinary Development Manager, Chef Wil, at the bottom of each tray.

These Grill Packs are now available coast to coast through Lipman’s network of distribution locations, so be sure to get in touch with your rep ASAP.

Give consumers something they can be excited about this summer, and they will surely come running to you for their every grilling need!

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