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Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Reaffirms its Commitment to its California Growers with Whirlwind Tour

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Reaffirms its Commitment to its California Growers with Whirlwind Tour

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY & SALINAS VALLEY, CA - Longo Brothers Fruit Markets is reaffirming its commitment to its California growing partners with the release of a series of new promotional videos. Longo's sent 42 of the top members of its skilled produce team, including all of its produce managers, on a whirlwind tour through the San Joaquin Valley and Salinas Valleys of California. During the tour, the Longo's team was treated to a first-hand look at the farming operations of some of California's leading growers, including Fresh Express, Sun World, D’Arrigo of CA, Ocean Mist, Growers Express, Calavo, Nunes Co., Paramount Farms and Brandt Farms.

Mimmo Franzone, Longo's Director of Produce and Floral

"It was a trip of a lifetime for our team,” said Mimmo Franzone, Director of Produce and Floral. "We had 18 newly promoted produce managers that were on the trip and for them it was the start of their journey to being life-long learners‎ at Longo's. It will bring education and ideas to their teams and our customers. It's an honor to work with the great partners we have in California and all their hard work and dedication does not go unseen."

Rosanne Longo, Brand Ambassador“The purpose of our trip is to elevate our produce experts' knowledge, to bring that information back to their team and relay that back to the consumers,” elaborated Rosanne Longo, Brand Ambassador. “It's also about building relationships and nurturing those strong partnerships that we have with our growers.”

You can check out an overview of Longo's trip and the rest of Rosanne's insights in the video below:

During the course of the trip Longo's visited a variety of growers, some of which they showcased in special YouTube highlight videos, which you can watch below:

The Nunes Company:

D'Arrigo Brothers:

In addition to reflecting on the successes of its California tour, Longo's has just recently released the holiday edition of its Longo's Experience Magazine on iTunes. With a variety of features highlighting the fresh produce and high quality goods sold at Longo's, the retailer hopes the magazine will give its customers and extra push with trying new dishes this holiday season.

Congratulations on a strong end of the year run, Longo's!

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets

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