Misionero Highlights Washed and Trimmed Foodservice Offerings; Pete Hernandez Shares

Misionero Highlights Washed and Trimmed Foodservice Offerings; Pete Hernandez Shares

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GONZALES, CA - When restaurants get slammed, convenience is of the essence. Misionero recognizes that, which is why the supplier has created its lineup of Washed and Trimmed foodservice offerings, and Pete Hernandez, Director of Business Development, is giving us the rundown.

Pete Hernandez, Director of Business Development, Misionero“Misionero’s Washed & Trimmed Lettuces includes a range of retail and foodservice ready-to-use lettuces that cater to various recipe applications,” says Pete. “This ensures that our customers and their consumers can enjoy fresh goodness without the hassle of cleaning and prepping.”

The supplier’s versatile line features Romaine, Green Leaf, Deli Leaf, and Lettuce Boat varieties. Misionero’s Washed & Trimmed Romaine has a crisp texture and fresh flavor, while its Green Leaf lettuce provides a more delicate taste and texture, making it an excellent option for salads and wraps.

Deli Leaf lettuce was specifically designed for burgers and sandwiches, as it is tender yet sturdy enough to ensure flavor without becoming soggy. Rounding out the list, Lettuce Boats are a creative way to present fillings. They are perfect for healthy and low-carb wraps, tacos, and rolls.

To minimize prep and cleanup, Misionero offers its lineup of Washed and Trimmed foodservice offerings

In the future, Misionero strives to continue innovating in the sector and plans to add new additions to its lineup.

“We stand as a pioneer in the space of washed and trimmed lettuces, continually evolving to meet the changing demands of consumers and the food industry,” Pete states. “Misionero is committed to providing freshness, convenience, and quality, setting our products apart from traditional lettuce offerings.”

For its foodservice and retail partners, some of the grower’s benefits include:

  • Convenience and Time-Saving Solutions: Misionero's ready-to-use lettuces eliminate the need for consumers to wash and trim their greens, saving them precious time in the kitchen
  • Versatile Recipe Applications: The supplier’s diverse lineup of lettuces, including Deli Leaf and Lettuce Boats, opens up a world of creative recipe possibilities. Their commitment to providing greens that hold up well to heat enables consumers to incorporate them into various cooked dishes, expanding their usage beyond traditional salads
  • Foodservice and Restaurant Solutions: Misionero's Foodservice Lineup has helped transform how restaurants and food establishments approach fresh produce. By providing prepped and premium lettuces, the company empowers restaurants to serve quality meals efficiently, catering to health-conscious customers without compromising on taste and appearance

Interested in joining forces with Misionero? Reach out to its team today.


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