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MOM's Organic Market Enters Dobbs Ferry, New York

MOM's Organic Market Enters Dobbs Ferry, New York

DOBBS FERRY, NY - I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of the movers and shakers at MOM’s Organic Market, and I know their approach to the retail market is a steady and reliable climb. The retailer’s latest entrance into New York is a remarkable feat all the same, as the state marks a significant move for MOM’s.

The new store will of course include certified organic produce, an accomplishment that has made the MOM’s name a staple for those in the Mid-Atlantic region. It will also have 10-feet-wide aisles, an absolute luxury in this age of social distancing. (I myself would love to stroll down an aisle with that much space in between me and other shoppers.)

MOM’s Organic Market has made its entrance into New York with a new location in Dobbs Ferry

Other amenities include a beekeeping section, a recycling center, and an expansive health and wellness area.

The location itself, located in Dobbs Ferry, New York, is roughly an hour away from the central hub of New York City, and will open February 19.

We will continue to keep our eyes on the wire, following along with retailers and the markets they move into.

MOM's Organic Market