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Nature Fresh Farms' Jane Rhyno Talks YOOM® Potential and Teases More to Come

Nature Fresh Farms' Jane Rhyno Talks YOOM® Potential and Teases More to Come

TORONTO, ON - Two dark pillars stand starkly against the bright background of the Nature Fresh Farms’ Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) booth. To my left, the first domino in the greenhouse growers’ pursuit of a different kind of tomato, Hiiros. To my right, the latest.

Jane Rhyno, Vice President, Marketing and Category Development, Nature Fresh Farms“YOOM® has a beautiful color externally with a still-bright red on the inside contrasting with the skin,” Jane Rhyno, Vice President of Marketing and Category Development, shares. “We are working to create our own niche in the industry that started a little over a year ago with Hiiro, named for the word ‘red’ in Japanese. Perfect because the Japanese marketplace treats food as a gift, and we want to inspire North America to do the same.”

YOOM is starting off this mission with strong momentum, leaving the 2023 CPMA show with the Best New Product award and many eyes on its distinctive presentation.

YOOM® and Hiiros™ are on the radar as Nature Fresh Farms helps retailers and explorers discover new tomato possibilities

“We see a lot of potential in the cocktail tomato market right now, which is not seeing as much innovation but is very attractive to ‘foodie’ consumers. This used to be a category of high attention, and we are ready to refresh the segment,” Jane explains.

With its dark skin and ripe-signaling star at the stem, YOOM is well positioned to do just that.

YOOM earned the CPMA's Best New Product award, providing a lot of potential in the cocktail tomato market

“The unique star has a green halo that gets redder as it ripens, so it’s decorative while being nice for cooking, with an earthy to plum-like sweetness,” Jane explains, emphasizing that, with a rounded tomato-centric taste, this is a tomato-lover’s tomato. “We are very excited for this and for even more to come.”

That’s right, there is even more news hovering on the horizon for Nature Fresh Farms. So stay tuned as we report the latest.

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