North Shore Living Herbs + Greens Launches New Animated Video

North Shore Living Herbs + Greens Launches New Animated Video

THERMAL, CA - The more informed consumers are, the more conscious decisions they will make when it comes to spending dollars in the produce aisle. North Shore Living Herbs + Greens is taking a new approach to consumer education, recently launching an animated video that details its hydroponic growing process from seed to store. The exclusive video takes viewers on a virtual tour of North Shore while expertly highlighting sustainability and product usage.

Suzette Overgaag, Vice President, North Shore Living Herbs + Greens“I believe pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to education,” said Suzette Overgaag, Vice President. “We are excited to share with our customers how the freshest herb ingredients are grown and cared for in our first animated video from North Shore.”

According to a press release, North Shore will take a two-pronged approach to rolling out the video by engaging with consumers through targeted ads on YouTube and Spotify. Additionally, the company will target the fresh produce industry as a whole in order to educate retailers about the company.

North Shore started delivering the first full line of Living Herbs + Greens in the produce department in the mid 1990s. Since then, the company has expanded into 10 acres of hydroponically grown greenhouse space.

Vivianna Greene, Marketing Manager, North Shore Living Herbs + Greens“We are taking the New Year to a new level this year and want to focus on the education of our company and products,” said Vivianna Greene, Marketing Manager. “With COVID here and the lack of events, we wanted to create something pleasing to listen to and inviting for consumers and our retailers to connect North Shore Living Herbs + Greens to our primary focus and goals.”

For more creative ways that fresh produce suppliers are educating buyers and consumers, keep an eye out for reports from ANUK.

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