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Oppy Transitions to Pears and Apples From the Southern Hemisphere

Oppy Transitions to Pears and Apples From the Southern Hemisphere

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Spring is officially upon us, and with it, a unique set of apples and pears, as Oppy makes the transition from the domestic to the imported crop. Despite challenges caused by the weather, the supplier is bringing in a diverse, freshly harvested mix of apple and pear varieties from the Southern Hemisphere, and retailers can successfully follow up the domestic season by placing the right fruit in the right place at the right time.

Roger Aguirre, Director of Apples and Pears, Oppy“Even the best growers in the world can be affected by Mother Nature, just like anyone else,” said Roger Aguirre, Director of Apples and Pears. “Customers can be reassured that we don’t make exceptions to our standards, and we look forward to delivering some of the best eating fruit in a seamless transition, as Oppy has shopper-targeted and volume-driving promotions in the coming months,” Aguirre said.

According to a press release, Oppy’s assortment of Bosc, Bartlett, D’Anjou, and Abate Fetel pear varieties includes an organic program specifically from Argentina and Chile. The company imports in bulk and bags at the source to meet the increased demand for bagged pears.

Many offerings—including favorites like Royal Gala, Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Ambrosia, Smitten, and Pink Lady® as well as exciting club varieties like Envy, JAZZ, and Pacific Rose—are arriving from either New Zealand, Chile, or Argentina, rounding out the company’s apple basket. JAZZ and Envy apples are available in pouch bags, poly bags, clamshells, and totes, in addition to innovative packs that deliver both sustainability and convenience, as packaged apple sales soared in 2020 and now represent 45 percent of category pounds.

Oppy is making its transition from domestic to the imported apple and pear crops grown in the Southern Hemisphere

Both the Envy and JAZZ apples hold a top-10 category positioning, with a memorable flavor that will impress any shopper. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, Envy promotional activities will focus on kid-friendly recipes courtesy of chef partner Joel Gamoran, and multi-buy promotions can inspire shoppers to incorporate more apples into their eating celebrations with targeted POS. Retailers can also position JAZZ as the snacking apple for all ages with co-branded packaging and POS, digital, and social activities.

As always, AndNowUKnow will bring you the latest market updates across the fresh produce industry, so stay tuned.


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