Peri & Sons Farms® Reveals New Products and Hire to the Team; Teri Gibson and Bailey Sanchez Comment

Peri & Sons Farms® Reveals New Products and Hire to the Team; Teri Gibson and Bailey Sanchez Comment

YERINGTON, NV - Fresh, flavorful, and fabulous for fall feasts. That is all I keep thinking about when Teri Gibson took a beat with me to discuss what Peri & Sons Farms had in store for International Fresh Produce Association’s (IFPA) Global Produce & Floral Show. Spoiler alert: new products are coming down the pike and a new face has joined the team.

Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, Peri & Sons Farms®“We specialize in fresh onions and only fresh onions, so that’s why ours are so outstanding,” the Director of Marketing regales me. “We’ll have some fine examples of our premium and organic white, yellow, red, and sweet onions, including our Sweetie Sweet® onions. IFPA attendees will also be one of the first people to see our new organic shallots and organic Cipollinis. The seasonal specialty items will be packed in earth-friendly packaging that’s biodegradable and single-stream recyclable—no plastic at all. That’s an important selling point for today’s eco-conscious retailers and consumers.”

And Teri is right on the money. Consumers continuously seek out produce with sustainable packaging, basing decisions on the company’s mission stance on top of flavor and quality. Peri & Sons recognizes the need for transition, and it is actively working with its existing packaging manufacturers and seeking new packaging sources. The search isn’t easy, as the grower looks to use less or no plastic and the material must maintain structural strength while also being compatible with the machinery already in place.

Peri & Sons Farms is hitting International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show with new products and its newest member Bailey Sanchez

“As part of the company’s mission as a certified sustainable farm operation, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our practices,” continues Teri. “This year at IFPA, we’re excited to get into conversations with people—real, live people!—to discuss solutions. Over the past few years, we’ve made the best of the situation by carrying on with business through any means, but we’re all excited to have some face-to-face, non-Zoom meetings with colleagues and customers again. We’re looking forward to shaking a lot of hands and sharing a lot of laughs.”

One face the industry can get to know better is Peri & Sons’ newest member: Bailey Sanchez. Bailey joins the grower’s Sales and Marketing team, and she will be a bubbly personality this year’s attendees can get to know better at the Global Produce and Floral Show.

Bailey Sanchez, Sales and Marketing, Peri & Sons Farms®“It’s an absolute honor to be brought onto the Peri & Sons Farms team! I hope to be able to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, so we can create a clearer picture of how we get America’s produce from farm to fork,” remarks Bailey, the grower’s Social Media Specialist. “I can’t wait to see what my future holds here at Peri & Sons.”

Bailey joins the team with a farming background. Her family is made of farmers, and the immense world of fresh produce continues to provide a wealth of experience. She will be covering the show, which is sure to provide a lot of exciting content.

Certified sustainable grower Peri & Sons will be showcasing its new organic shallots and organic Cipollinis while also discussing packaging solutions and meeting the industry in-person once more

Eager to see what Peri & Sons has in store and to meet Bailey and the team in person? Stop by booth #2461 to saturate that curiosity and keep an eye out for ANUK to report on the latest.

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