Procurant Unveils New Farm Check Application

Procurant Unveils New Farm Check Application

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LOS GATOS, CA - It is strange to think that just a few decades ago, technology as we know it did not exist. As the sector continues to advance beyond anything ever imagined, Procurant, a cloud-based software company, has set out to transform the food supply chain with the launch of its new Farm Check application. The mobile task management application will help bring greater visibility and automation to the industry while helping to streamline key processes in production and distribution.

Kevin Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer, Procurant“There has been a longstanding need for more efficient, auditable operations all across the food supply chain, but until now the available solutions weren’t designed with the harvesting side of the food sector in mind,” said Kevin Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer. “With Farm Check, we are making modern digital task management easier to adopt and use in one of the world’s most essential industries.”

Procurant Farm Check is able to be run on any mobile device and works as a cloud-based application. According to a press release, the tool is designed for multi-lingual teams and users that are working in areas such as field harvesting, packing houses, and warehouses.

The Farm Check application uses its technology to provide clear guidance and checklists for its users while they work toward completing pivotal operational tasks.

Procurant has set out to transform the food supply chain with the launch of its new Farm Check application

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Full administrative oversight across locations
  • Role-based permissions and checklist assignments
  • Storage of all tasks within the Procurant cloud
  • Unique schedule capabilities for any checklist
  • Corrective action alerts
  • Photo/Video/Audio capture with notes

To help guide users in maximizing the benefits of Farm Check, Procurant is hosting a demonstration on Wednesday, February 24. You can register here.

In order to see the library of other checklists and services provided through the application, click here.

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