Publix Closes in on New Jacksonville, Florida, Location

Publix Closes in on New Jacksonville, Florida, Location

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Florida-based retailer Publix has made efforts to expand in new markets, but it is still keeping an eye on its home turf. Not one to give up, the retailer has recently pressed the gas on a new store 17 years in the making.

According to News4Jax, for some time Publix has been eyeing a spot in East San Marco that would be a part of a retail and foodservice development. Many locals are eagerly awaiting the new store, and are anxious to see the land developed.

Publix is making new progress on a project 17 years in the making

“I think it is a good opinion to open Publix and more stores or restaurants here since this will offer more job opportunities for the people and for the people who live in San Marco," resident Hajir Aldaod commented. "They don’t have to drive all that way to get their groceries. They can just go grab their groceries.”

A town hall meeting was held to discuss the details of the new shopping center and answer questions. Although many residents are excited at the prospect of new retail options, others were concerned about how the new Public location might change the neighborhood.

“This is a historic area, and I have always loved it for all the old buildings. I just can’t see a Publix being here," local resident, Patricia Botz said.

Will the new store make it past the planning phase into reality? Keep reading AndNowUKnow for more updates.