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Raley's Debuts New Campaign to Promote Online Shopping

Raley's Debuts New Campaign to Promote Online Shopping

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - These days, there is a constant demand to produce the next best thing. Raley’s is taking the digital game by storm with its recently released video campaign that highlights its online shopping options, pushing the retailer into the spotlight thanks to the personal shopper experience it provides. The chain’s online shopping system handpicks groceries based on customers’ preferences. The motto the company is sticking to for this wave of videos is this: shop online like you shop in-store.

Deirdre Zimmermann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Raley’s“We are constantly using data and customer feedback to improve our services and drive our marketing strategy,” said Deirdre Zimmermann, Raley’s Senior Vice President, Marketing. “Our personal shoppers make Raley’s online shopping experience best-in-class and we want to reach more customers to tell them about our great service.”

Raley’s is launching a new video campaign to highlight its best-in-class online offerings

Raley’s shoppers’ and non-shoppers’ ears are perking up at this campaign because of its use of online shopping services. The retailer conducted a series of focus groups and online surveys to get a grip on what customers want when they look for their groceries online. The chain then realized that consumers are looking for convenience, but those who were disinclined to shop online were disinclined because of their inability to pick their own fresh items based on their personal preference. The retailer is catering to their need to feel in control over the fresh offerings it receives with its new venture and showing consumers what they can get with Raley’s customized service—a personal shopper that hand-picks grocery items. Raley’s delivers exactly what the customer notes in their order—whether it be green bananas or ripe avocados.

The new campaign showcasing Raley’s online shopping experience, which was developed in conjunction with Division of Labor, will run in both organic and paid media, according to a press release.

Josh Denberg, Creative Director, Division of Labor“Raley’s personal shoppers make online shopping just like being at your local Raley’s,” said Josh Denberg, Creative Director, Division of Labor. “This new campaign shares Raley’s e-commerce approach visually, while designed to stand out in social feeds.”

The retailer has offered click-and-collect services for over 15 years, with recent delivery options; curbside pickup; and same-day delivery in a number of its zip codes—so this campaign is not its first rodeo in online ventures.

How will Raley’s campaign spark interest, and will it persuade other retailers to find new outlets to get consumers shopping online? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated.