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The Reusable Packaging Association Launches New Digital Marketing Campaign

The Reusable Packaging Association Launches New Digital Marketing Campaign

TAMPA, FL - Sustainability is increasingly important to the produce industry and typically includes environmental practices built on the principles of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” While these efforts to be greener have been ongoing for decades and all three “R’s” contribute to a successful program, the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) sees an opportunity for perishable food industries, such as produce, to achieve both environmental and economic returns through an emphasis on reuse, particularly in the form of reusable packaging systems. To communicate this message more broadly, the RPA has launched a new campaign to encourage retailers and growers to “switch, save, and sell with reusable packaging.”

Tim Debus, President and CEO, Reusable Packaging Association“The Switch, Save, and Sell campaign communicates and demonstrates that reusable packaging is today’s way to distribute perishable food,” Tim Debus, President and CEO, tells me. “We have consolidated available information into one central industry hub—SwitchToReusables.org—to support the broader rationale and science behind reusable packaging systems in the food industry.”

Launched in May, the digital marketing campaign highlights the benefits of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) through the website, digital ads, and social media to generate awareness and encourage site traffic, where visitors will learn more about the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of reusable transport packaging applications for food.

Reusable packaging containers have numerous benefits including increased quality and freshness

"While RPCs have a longstanding track record in North America, there have been a lot of recent advancements in product design and functionality. We felt it was timely to once again draw attention to both the economic and environmental benefits of RPCs, especially given the current challenges to waste management and recycling initiatives,” Tim says.

In addition to preventing solid waste, RPCs deliver unsurpassed quality and freshness due to superior product protection and temperature control, provide attractive, consumer-preferred display options, and generate cost-saving opportunities across the supply chain.

“This is why the switch to RPCs will save money and sell more product to satisfied consumers,” Tim explains.

RPCs protect fragile product which saves retailers money across the supply chain

Although the launch features RPCs, Tim shared that the campaign will expand to support all aspects of modern day packaging and distribution systems. For example, automation and data-capturing technologies will increase deployment in food operations, and reusable packaging products are well-suited to optimize the performance of both. Thus, the campaign website information will increase in tandem with the growing number of options, and reasons, to switch to reusable packaging.

“The campaign is unique because it is an industry message that is supported by our membership, rather than a singular company brand message,” Tim shares with me. “We’re taking an industry approach to encourage greater adoption of reusable transport packaging, and for those who passed on the reuse advantage years ago, we’re asking for a second look for today and for the exciting future ahead for reusables.”

The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness across the industry for reusable packaging

The RPA is a non-profit trade organization that advocates for the common business interests of the reusable transport packaging supply chain and promotes the use and value of reusable packaging systems. For more information on the Reusable Packaging Association campaign, or for more reasons to tap into RPCs, visit SwitchToReusables.org. For more of the latest from companies doing their part to better our industry, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

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