Scott Niizawa Discusses Church Brothers Farms Cauliflower Program and Tight Market

Scott Niizawa Discusses Church Brothers Farms Cauliflower Program and Tight Market

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IMPERIAL VALLEY, CA - California fresh produce brings to mind many industry names, and sitting with the best of the best is Church Brothers Farms. To call these recent months “dynamic” for fresh produce would be an understatement, especially on the cauliflower front, and so I reached out to our friends at Church Brothers Farms to get a read on the present state of the market.

“We are currently growing and harvesting in California’s Imperial Valley where quality is excellent, however, volume is currently down due to the recent cold spell we experienced over the last couple of weeks,” Scott Niizawa, Sales, shared with me. “The current market conditions are extremely high with demand outpacing supply considerably. Pricing is well into the $30 range and heading north.”

Due to cooler temperatures, Church Brothers Farms is experiencing lower volumes as popularity for the category heightens

When I ask Scott how the category has performed historically, he tells me the company has seen better volume at this time in years past.

“I hate to beat a dead horse here, but this has been an unusually challenging winter as the cooler temperatures continue to slow plant growth and delay harvesting,” Scott reflects. “This time last year, supplies were plentiful and pricing was in the low to mid-teens.”

Despite lower volumes, Church Brothers Farms is seeing excellent quality out of its Imperial Valley, California, growing region

With the double-edged sword at play in the market—light volumes and heavy popularity—retailers should look to their partners for the most up-to-date information as companies like Church Brothers Farms are quick to pivot and adapt.

Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow as we bring you more on the cauliflower market and the categories that continue to keep us on our toes.

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