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ShopRite Highlights Locally Grown Produce

ShopRite Highlights Locally Grown Produce

KEASBEY, NJ - New Jersey-based retailer ShopRite is encouraging consumers to go local this summer with a comprehensive marketing campaign aiming to educate shoppers on health and wellness and increase fresh produce sales. The campaign features dietitian-backed information and tips that consumers can use to inform their purchasing decisions.

Derrick Jenkins, Vice President of Floral & Produce, ShopRite“Our locally grown produce is handpicked at the peak of freshness and delivered from farms within our market area,” said Derrick Jenkins, Vice President of Floral and Produce, in a statement. “This supports the local economy and also reduces the carbon footprint of deliveries to our stores.”

The campaign will be promoted in the store’s circulars, as well as on highway billboards, television commercials, and on social media. According to Long Island Business News, more than 100 in-store retail dietitians will be on hand to oversee demonstrations, community-based workshops, and social media videos.

ShopRite's marketing campaign is aimed to help consumers learn more about health and wellness

“This year’s locally grown program is going to be bigger than ever before,” Jenkins said.

In-store displays will showcase local farms, including information on blackboards that features the names and addresses of the farms where the produce was sourced, according to the news source. Farms will also be promoted in marketing materials and weekend “farm stands” at the front of some ShopRite stores.

Natalie Menza-Crowe, Director of Health & Wellness, ShopRiteThe campaign materials are designed “to educate our shoppers and teach them delicious and easy ways to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into their menus,” said Natalie Menza-Crowe, Director of Health and Wellness, in a statement.

Will this ambitious campaign get shoppers on the locally-sourced train? AndNowUKnow will report.