Sprouts Farmers Market Announces Expanded Partnership With Amazon

Sprouts Farmers Market Announces Expanded Partnership With Amazon

PHOENIX, AZ – It seems as though Amazon’s push for fresh foods isn’t quite done. Sprouts Farmers Market has announced that it has expanded its partnership with Amazon, bringing fresh produce, by delivery, to consumers within one to two hours. Sprouts products will be offered through Amazon Prime Now in the Atlanta, GA, region.

The fresh produce and other groceries from high-end Sprouts Farmers Market will now be available to consumers daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Amazon Prime Now already offers fresh foods, but its extended partnership with Sprouts will allow convenience-minded consumers access to its produce, meat, and seafood.

Sprouts storefront

Sprouts’ goods will be available within the Atlanta region, with a one-hour delivery for $7.00 and two-hour delivery provided at no additional cost. For one step further in easy access, orders for fresh can be placed through the Prime Now app.

Though Amazon has been making continual headlines over the pursuit of its Whole Foods acquisition, this isn’t the e-commerce giant’s first foray with the sought-after fresh goods of Sprouts. As we’ve previously reported, Sprouts discussed at the end of last year moving its Amazon partnership forward. Last month, the companies announced their partnership had also moved to Denver, CO, as well.

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This partnership expansion is right in line with Amazon’s mission to further strengthen its same day delivery offerings, and that of its fresh foods selection, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Will Sprouts continue to expand its brand through the Amazon platform? As retailers continue to strengthen their buy-side standing and explore the possibilities of e-commerce, AndNowUKnow will report with all the latest.

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