Sunkist Growers Takes Home Besties Award for Best Social Media Campaigns; Christina Ward Details

Sunkist Growers Takes Home Besties Award for Best Social Media Campaigns; Christina Ward Details

VALENCIA, CA - We’ve yet to see the social media zenith, but some of the brightest minds in the fresh produce industry hope to usher in this era. Creative campaigns in social media can rally consumers and beguile buyers. It’s no wonder that we focused on the sector for our Besties Awards, and little wonder still that Sunkist Growers took home the award for Best Social Media Campaigns.

Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist Growers“At Sunkist, everything we do is for our growers—it drives us to be innovative leaders within the produce industry,” Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, shares with me. “Winning a Besties Award, especially during the inaugural season, for Best Social Media Campaigns is truly an honor.”

Sunkist has long been a proven marketing stalwart with expertise in the social media sphere. The company has nurtured a brand that is recognized globally—no easy feat. But the strategy behind this is well-honed.

Vibrant and informative, Sunkist Growers' social media campaigns engage the consumer and convert their interest into rings at the register

“We are focused on campaigns that hit the sweet spot—balancing both the beloved legacy of our 130-year-old cooperative with current trends that engage our target audiences. On social media, we focus mostly on millennial and Gen Z shoppers through educational, engaging content. As the longest-standing agricultural cooperative in the nation, being recognized within the crowded digital and social media landscape is excellent, but engagement and conversion are the most important,” Christina adds.

Always leaping the bar it set before, Sunkist continues to play offense on the field of branding and promotions, showing both those inside and outside the industry that fresh produce belongs in the social media play-offs.

No matter the occasion, Sunkist Growers has an interactive social media campaign to drive interest in the citrus category

“Finding new and exciting ways to bring our citrus to the table is the Sunkist way and has been for over a century—we launch measurable campaigns that encourage our consumers to come back for more through fresh dishes, drinks, and décor,” Christina says. “We are excited about future projects that will continue to promote the category further and drive education around fruit and vegetable consumption, which we know is top-of-mind for today's shoppers, especially those with kids.”

Congratulations to Sunkist on this well-deserved win. We can’t wait to see what heights you’ll climb next.

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