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Target Stock Draws Eyes for 2017 Investment

Target Stock Draws Eyes for 2017 Investment

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - As we all look to 2017 and try to get a beat on trends to come, Target looks to be a buyout investors could turn to.

Despite having the struggle its portfolio saw on the financial front this year, Investorplace reports that the big red dot should be piquing financial interest.

Reasons the report listed include:

  • Consumer loyalty
  • Wiggle room for shipping costs
  • A younger demographic
  • Room for digital growth

While the store “doesn’t have the same buzz as it once did,” average Target shoppers are reportedly younger than those of its competitors and tend to make about 25% more money, meaning a willingness to overlook extra shipping costs that come with online shopping. And increasing online shopping growth is where speculations state Target’s bread and butter might be, according to Investorplace, with online sales currently accounting for less than 5% of the company’s total sales, despite a 26% uptick in the third quarter.

Over a five year span the retailer has consistently gone up nearly 8%, touting this as another of the key reasons to keep your faith (and your money) in Target.

Despite a bumpy ride for 2016, including a slip in sales and a revenue just starting to make a turnaround, the financial source sees consistent potential in the chain versus others on the buy-side.

With weight still in the market, including the nickname “Tar-jay” among more loyal shoppers, what will the next year hold for this and other big names in retail?

We’ll be sure to let you know every step of the way.