Tesco Revamps with the Launch of 76 New Fresh Labels

Tesco Revamps with the Launch of 76 New Fresh Labels

UNITED KINGDOM - Tesco is looking to get ahead of the fresh trend taking the consumer market, revamping its shelves with the launch of 76 fresh-focused labels.

The labels will be under seven brands with a range of the retailer’s own "farm" brands, according to a report from The Guardian.

One of Tesco's New Brands

“Over the last 18 months we have been simplifying our ranges, launched Brand Guarantee and improved customer service,” a Tesco spokesperson said, according to the report. “However, we know customers want the convenience of getting all their shopping in one place. These seven new brands, which are exclusive to Tesco, address our customers’ needs for quality fresh food, at very competitive prices in a single shop.”

The revamp covers:

  • Fresh produce
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Matches or will beat competitor prices

According to Tesco, this newest strategy is intended to “meet the need for a new level of quality at great prices,” with lower rates on a variety of produce categories including lettuce and berries.

Another of Tesco's New Brands

As we reported previously, the retailer is currently looking to build its relationship with local British farmers and growers, however, The Guardian reports there has been turmoil over the new launch due to Tesco’s approach involving the use of “fictitious British-style farm names” to attract shoppers, with the National Farmers’ Union questioning the method when there are many real ones.

“In all cases, the fresh food being sold under our new brands is sourced from a selection of farms and growers,” a Tesco spokeswoman commented, according to The Guardian, stating that some of the names, ‘Nightingale’ and ‘Rosedene’ for example, had previously been operating farms and were selected in partnership with its suppliers. “Some are small, family-run farms while others are of a larger scale – and every product has been reared or grown to specific standards from known and audited farms and growers.”

Another of Tesco's New Brands

As to why the retailer chose to use this approach for the new brands, AndNowUKnow is still awaiting comment.

We will continue to report on this and other retail strategies that promote and influence the produce industry.