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Tom Byrne Discusses Green Giant Fresh™ Brand Reemergence

Tom Byrne Discusses Green Giant Fresh™ Brand Reemergence

SALINAS, CA - Green Giant Fresh™ is one of the most recognizable and nostalgic brands in the world. During challenging times, as consumers look to ground themselves in trust and comfort, big food brands are reemerging as go-to choices from baby boomers to millennials and beyond.

Tom Byrne, President, Growers Express“Brand loyalty is priceless, and for legacy brands who have built a following over decades, it is resurging as consumers seek familiarity amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tom Byrne, President, Growers Express LLC shares with me. “Legacy brands, like Green Giant Fresh, bring comfort to consumers in a time where they feel anxious and want to be assured that they will get the quality they have become accustomed to over the years.”

Monterey-based Growers Express holds the master license for the Green Giant Fresh brand and manages the licensing program with its many sublicense partners.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many shoppers have favored fresh foods over processed products in this time of need, and Green Giant Fresh is making sure that the brand delivers the reliability of high-quality product consumers have become accustomed to getting.

As consumers look to ground themselves in trust and comfort, big food brands like Growers Express and Green Giant Fresh™ are among those leading a resurgence

“We also cultivate the Green Giant Fresh licensing partner community in supporting them in any way possible, especially during times of crisis, by adding value to their operations and enhancing opportunities for continued growth,” Tom tells me. “Green Giant has over 90 percent brand awareness among U.S. consumers and especially during uncertain times, consumers rely on familiarity.”

If we take a look back, in 2009, Growers Express purchased the licensing rights to the Green Giant Fresh brand for use on fresh vegetables and since that time, visibility, demand, and consumer following have grown.

“Being a legacy brand through the years, consumers have come to trust the quality, freshness, and reliability of the many products that are proudly packed under the Green Giant Fresh label. That continues today and Green Giant Fresh has set a benchmark for today’s brands who are looking to rise up in the hierarchy of consumer brand loyalty,” Tom adds.

The willingness to prioritize innovation helped revitalize commodity-driven categories, showcasing Green Giant Fresh™ and Growers Express’s ability to pivot and adapt

Part of the Green Giant Fresh vision that continues to drive success forward for the marketing behemoth is its willingness to prioritize innovation first. A key example of this strategy that allowed the company to pair a risk-taking innovation with the safety of a well-known brand was when Green Giant Fresh launched the original Cauliflower Crumbles® chopped cauliflower back in 2015. This helped revitalize what has been a commodity-driven category and has since exploded in usage and demand. This example of the company’s ability to pivot and adapt, is one arena where the operation continues to thrive and can combine its historical brand loyalty with the drive for innovation.

What new trends and movements will surface as the crisis holds space for opportunities? Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow as we lead you down our path of discovery!

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