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Wakefern Food Corp Taps Locai Solutions as New Partner

Wakefern Food Corp Taps Locai Solutions as New Partner

DENVER, CO - Wakefern Food Corp has recently partnered with Locai Solutions to launch CookIt at its The Fresh Grocer and ShopRite banners. The pilot has already officially debuted on ShopRite’s website and will hit The Fresh Grocer locations later this year. The technology is designed to introduce consumers to a new and more convenient way of shopping.

Steve P. Henig, Chief Customer Officer, Wakefern Food Corp"The CookIt technology powers our Recipe Shop to send customers delicious and practical recipes based on the pantry staples they are already shopping for in-store. The technology simplifies meal planning and makes recipe shopping easier and more cost effective," said Steve Henig, Wakefern's Chief Customer Officer.

Wakefern Food Corp has teamed up with Locai Solutions to launch CookIt at its ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer banners (Image credit: CookIt)

Combining customized menu planning and food shopping with one click, CookIt provides personalized recipes, ingredient recommendations, and meal costs to consumers based on the items in their online shopping carts, according to a press release. The personalized service takes into account shoppers’ dietary preferences as well as seasonal ingredients when suggesting recipes from a platform of 500+ for shoppers.

Mike Demko, CEO, Locai Solutions"We're excited to partner on CookIt with Wakefern under both its ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer banners," said Mike Demko, Locai's CEO. "They put a high value on what their brands deliver, and the addition of our CookIt product to their online shopping platform will further elevate the customer experience for both online and in-store shoppers."

CookIt is currently available under "The Recipe Shop" across all Connecticut ShopRite stores and will be rolling out to the remaining ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer locations within the next four months.

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