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Wakefern Food Corp® Launches New E-Grocery Micro-Fulfillment Center With Takeoff Technologies

Wakefern Food Corp® Launches New E-Grocery Micro-Fulfillment Center With Takeoff Technologies

WALTHAM, MA - Wakefern has partnered with Takeoff Technologies to launch a new fulfillment center in Clifton, New Jersey. This move centers Wakefern’s commitment to improving the online grocery shopping experience.

Steve P. Henig, Vice President of Digital Commerce & Analytics, Wakefern"We are excited to partner with Takeoff Technologies to see how their hyperlocal automation technology will benefit our cooperative, retail members, and shoppers," said Steve P. Henig, Wakefern's Vice President of Digital Commerce & Analytics. "We are really proud of our e-Grocery shopping platform, ShopRite from Home®, and believe this partnership will enhance our online shopping service."

The new fulfillment center will be located in Clifton, New Jersey

According to a press release, the ShopRite from Home program currently offers clients pick-up and home delivery services across most ShopRite store locations. The new fulfillment center will serve select ShopRite stores—operated by Wakefern member Inserra Supermarkets—in North Jersey and New York. Utilizing advanced robotics, orders of up to 60 grocery items can be assembled within minutes.

Jose Aguerrevere, CEO & CO-Founder, Takeoff Technologies"We're thrilled to partner with Wakefern to help make their e-Grocery service even better," said Jose Aguerrevere, Takeoff’s CEO and Co-Founder. "Our hyperlocal approach and technology results in lower packaging costs and high last mile efficiency."

Additionally, both Wakefern and Takeoff have agreed to open new fulfillment centers in the future.

Max Perdo, Co-Founder & President, Takeoff Technologies"Our e-Grocery automation is a turn-key, scalable solution that uses robotics to unlock convenience for shoppers without the need to charge extra fees," added Max Pedro, Co-Founder and President of Takeoff. "It's a win-win for grocers and shoppers."

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