Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Target, Publix, and More named in 2016 Fortune 500 List

Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Target, Publix, and More named in 2016 Fortune 500 List

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UNITED STATES – It’s time again for the newest results of this year’s Fortune 500 list. Ranked by each company’s total revenues for its fiscal year, this year’s list accounted for $12 trillion in total annual revenues, according to Fortune Magazine. So just who are the forerunners, movers and jumpers in the 2016 rankings? 

#1 Walmart 

Retaining its top spot for the fourth year running, the retailer reported $482,130 million in revenues, which was down 0.7% from last year. Profits were reported at $14, 694 million, down 10.2% from last year. Noted to this retailer's business model was an increase in organics, and shifting towards a more adaptable business model for consumer demand.

#15 Costco 

Reporting $116,199 million in revenues, which is up 3.2% from 2015’s list. The retail giant also reported $2,377 million in profits, which is an increase of 15.5%. The company moved up three spots from last year’s Fortune 500 list. 

#17 Kroger 

Kroger jumped three spots and saw a 1.3% increase to $109,830 million in total revenues from last year. The company also reported a 18.0% increase to profits, totaling $2,039 million.

#18 Amazon

With a big leap from last year’s 29 spot, Amazon reported $107,006 million in total revenues with an increase of 20.2%. Interestingly, its profits remained the same with a 0% change from $596 million. The company has recently delved into grocery delivery. 

#38 Target

Dropping two spots from last year’s 36 rank, Target saw a decrease of 1.0% to $73,785 million. The company also reported a 0% profit change of $3,363 million from 2015.

Other notable companies and their placements on the list in comparison to last year’s, are as follows: 

  • #57 Sysco (up from previous 61 rank)
  • #87 Publix Super Markets (up from rank 101)
  • #109 McDonald’s (up from 110)
  • #122 US Foods Holding (up from 128 spot)
  • #160 Supervalu (up from previous 164)
  • #181 Whole Foods Market (up from 214 rank)
  • #185 Performance Food Group
  • #189 Monsanto (up 197 rank)
  • #335 United Natural Foods (previously 397)
  • #351 SpartanNash (up from 359) 

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Walmart Costco Kroger Amazon Target Sysco Publix US Foods Supervalu Whole Foods United Natural Foods SpartanNash

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