Westfalia Fruit Arms Retailers With Strong Avocado Opportunities Ahead of Cinco de Mayo; Christina Ward Shares

Westfalia Fruit Arms Retailers With Strong Avocado Opportunities Ahead of Cinco de Mayo; Christina Ward Shares

OXNARD, CA - The sun is shining here in the Northern Hemisphere, and April is winding down, meaning it’s almost summertime. Ushered in by Cinco de Mayo, the season is perfect for promoting avocados, of which Westfalia Fruit has a year-round supply thanks to its global reach. To get retailers ready, the provider has a few tidbits to share.

Christina Ward, Director of Marketing and Product Brands, Westfalia Fruit USA
Christina Ward, Director of Marketing and Product Brands, Westfalia Fruit

“Avocados are essential to every celebration, especially Cinco de Mayo. According to a recent avocado recap by the Hass Avocado Board, the holidays signaled year-over-year growth in dollar sales,” explains Christina Ward, Director of Marketing and Product Brands. “Avocado volume during Cinco de Mayo grew +37 percent versus the prior year, adding +10.3 million units to the category during the holiday week.”

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, Westfalia is gearing up for promotions with various sizes and bagged fruit throughout May. The supplier offers customizable marketing programs for its retail partners year-round and, for the holiday, is supporting customers with bag promotions tied to cash rebates for shoppers.

Thanks to its global reach, Westfalia Fruit offers a year-round supply of high-quality avocados

Additionally, westfaliafruit.com features delicious new recipes that are perfect for the festivities ahead and will inspire shoppers to add avocados to their baskets.

Bountiful displays of avocados will draw in shoppers, and retailers can be assured of plentiful avocado supplies. “Mexico and California will have fantastic eating quality, and we are selecting fruit with high oil content that will deliver optimal flavor profiles for all your festive avocado needs,” says Christina.

“We celebrate multiple countries of origin in our growing portfolio, and we’re looking forward to a delicious summer that will kick off in May," Christina continues. "California-grown avocados will reach peak maturity in time for Cinco de Mayo promotions. While California is experiencing a condensed season, we are forecasting promotable volumes through June. Mexico will have ample supply throughout the year, and we are anticipating a strong Peruvian season as well as opportunities for Colombian fruit too.”

With the holidays showing year-over-year growth in dollar sales, Cinco de Mayo generates a host of opportunities to spotlight the category

Westfalia Fruit operates state-of-the-art packinghouses and storage facilities in Chile, Colombia, and Peru, alongside its avocado-growing footprint. It focuses on supplying premier avocados in North America and around the world. The company is currently one of the largest exporters of Peruvian avocados. Strong domestic Peruvian programs will begin as early as May, with product arrivals through August.

Colombia, renowned for its rich soils and optimal growing conditions, will offer a consistent supply of avocados through August. The current Colombian avocado crop is skewing toward the smaller end of the size curve, promising promotable volumes of small fruit.

On top of its fresh avocado offerings, the #avoexperts at Westfalia have a new product launching in the United States soon.

Westfalia Fruit is extending its avocado prowess into the oil segment, unveiling its new avocado oil products this spring

“Westfalia Fruit avocado oil products are debuting in the U.S. this spring in stores and online. Our oil is superior quality and pressed from 100 percent ripe avocados,” Christina adds. “Available in plain and delicious flavors, like lemon and garlic, our oils are ideal for any cooking method, and perfect for grilling, frying, and roasting due to the oil’s high smoke point.”

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow to hear about Westfalia’s upcoming rollout and more.

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