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Whole Foods Market Announces its 2016 ‘Supplier Award’ Winners

Whole Foods Market Announces its 2016 ‘Supplier Award’ Winners

AUSTIN, TX - Whole Foods Market has revealed the winners of its annual Supplier Awards at a reception last Tuesday night in Austin, Texas, at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel, naming Grimmway Farms its “Supplier of the Year” award in the Perishable category.

Grimmway Farms

Awarded for the company’s outstanding all-around performance and serving customers with what Whole Foods says is the highest quality organic vegetables, Grimmway Farms is a staple in organic farming, quality standards, and product innovation. According to the retailer, Grimmway continues to be a model partner for Whole Foods Market on topics ranging from new models of growth forecasting and new product development, to deep transparency on growing practices. 

Edmund LaMacchia, Global Vice President of Procurement for Perishables, Whole Foods

“Each one of our supplier partners advances the character, flavor, and integrity of our stores, whether they’re committed to land conservation, sustainable farming methods or simply creating the best-tasting product on our shelves,” explained Edmund LaMacchia, Whole Foods Market’s Global Vice President of Procurement for Perishables. “We’re grateful for their drive, commitment and partnership in growing their business with Whole Foods Market.”

In addition to Grimmway Farms, Whole Foods Market recognized 16 other perishable and non-perishable supplier partners in categories that highlight areas such as product innovation, environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and excellence in quality standards and assurance. A few of these additional honorees include: 

Special Recognition

  • Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, for years of partnership, most recently in a line of co-branded Whole Trade Guarantee® cherry tomatoes from farmers in the Baja California and Baja California Sur states of Mexico. 
  • Presence Marketing & Natural Specialty Sales, for the collective representation of hundreds of Whole Foods Market’s supplier partners.

Excellence in Standards

  • Sunripe Certified Brands, for its leadership in the grower community on farmworker welfare. 

Global V.P. Integrity Award 

  • Red Tomato, for its work on behalf of small farmers in the northeastern United States and supporting a more sustainable, ethical food system. 

Distinguished Service 

  • Stevens Transport, for more than 16 years of anchor cold carrier business partnership for Whole Foods Market’s West Coast produce transportation efforts. 

Environmental Stewardship

  • Small Planet Foods, for supporting pollinator health and its contributions to organizations that protect wildlife through conservation efforts.

Congratulations to Grimmway Farms and all the other great suppliers on the list!

Whole Foods Market


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