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Whole Foods Market Partners with Infarm

Whole Foods Market Partners with Infarm

LONDON, ENGLAND - Infarm has claimed both Aldi and Kroger as partners as it seeks to increase the availability of fresh produce. Now, the urban farming company has added Whole Foods Market to its list of retail partners.

Jade Hoai, Director of Purchasing and Operations at Whole Foods Market"We are excited to partner with Infarm to offer a truly hyper-local selection of greens and herbs across all of our London stores,” remarked Jade Hoai, Director of Purchasing and Operations at Whole Foods Market. “Whole Foods Market customers can expect to find fresh, unique herbs from Infarm's vertical growing units like Bordeaux purple basil, that are grown locally, have no pesticides, and use a fraction of the traditional resources required to grow. We are excited about this relationship for its joint commitment to environmental stewardship and for the delicious, nutritious meals our customers will be crafting at home."

According to a press release, Infarm installed two of its modular vertical farming units in two of Whole Foods’ London operations. Shoppers have access to fresh produce grown directly in store.

Infarm, an urban farming company, added Whole Foods Market to its list of retail partners

This includes varieties such as: mountain coriander, flat parsley, basil, mint, dill, Thai basil, as well as Infarm's range of fresh lettuce (Crystal, Caravel, Duo, and Red Romaine).

Daniel Kats, Vice President of Corporate Sales, Infarm (Photo credit: SkyBerries)"Whole Foods Market felt like a perfect fit for Infarm. Its commitment to providing customers with vibrant, sustainable food aligns with our goal of growing produce locally and, in the process, substantially reducing food waste and the environmental impact of what we consume," Daniel Kats, VP of Corporate Sales at Infarm, said. "We hope that in installing our modular farms in Kensington and Fulham, we can help to educate shoppers about the future of food."

The partnership between Infarm and Whole Foods Market aims to satisfy increasing consumer demand for sustainably grown products, helping shoppers cut down on food waste and up their consumption of fresh. A win in everyone's eyes.

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