Will VeganBurg be the New McDonald's for Vegans?

Will VeganBurg be the New McDonald's for Vegans?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - When it comes to fast food, there’s a few options—meat in bun, meat in a taco shell, meat fried and thrown in a bucket. So, what do you do if you want your food ASAP, but want to live a produce-centric lifestyle? Enter VeganBurg, the restaurant that Business Insider touts as the vegan’s answer to McDonald’s.


Founded in Singapore in 2010, the VeganBurg concept came when young entrepreneur Alex Tan discovered he had a mysterious illness that could not be cured through traditional medicine, according to Business Insider. Tan tried out a plant-based diet, which gave him the results he was looking for, but soon found that eating in a vegan lifestyle was not as tasty, nor as convenient as he had hoped for.

What came from that discovery was VeganBurg. Now open in San Francisco, CA, as well as Singapore, VeganBurg offers essentially the same type of menu as McDonald’s—burgers, fries, even hot dogs. The difference, however, comes when you take a closer look at the ingredients. Think burgers with mushrooms, pineapple, avocado, even broccoli. Even the fries are covered in seaweed. 

VeganBurg, Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

You may have heard of plenty of vegan chains before, but what VeganBurg does arguably better than most is make plant-based food accessible. Nothing is neon green, lumpy, or too expensive—it's all in the form of foods that meat eaters have grown to love, at a price that won't make you regret your healthy eating choices.

Will you make your way to San Francisco to try this produce-centric fast food joint for yourself? Let me know when you’re in town and we can split some seaweed fries.