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Wonderful Pistachios Celebrates Pistachio Puppy With Gift of Pistachios to Entire Italian City

Wonderful Pistachios Celebrates Pistachio Puppy With Gift of Pistachios to Entire Italian City

LOS ANGELES, CA - Miracles do happen, and green ones at that. Recently, residents of Pattada Sardinia, Italy, welcomed the world’s first green puppy named “Pistachio.” Pistachio’s unusual green coloring captured the world’s attention, especially those over at Wonderful® Pistachios. Residents in Pattada are in for a treat as the company announced plans to donate a bag of Wonderful Pistachios to all residents in the city to celebrate Pistachio. The company also announced it will be donating a lifetime supply of Wonderful Pistachios to Cristian Mallocci, the dog’s proud owner who runs a small farm in Pattada.

According to the press release, news of Pistachio’s birth quickly traveled across the globe, and while his coloring is temporary, green is known for luck and Mallocci views his birth as a beacon of hope during this difficult time.

Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Wonderful Company“We’re excited about the attention and joy the new green puppy named Pistachio is bringing to the global pistachio family and to our team at Wonderful Pistachios,” said Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “To echo Mallocci’s sentiments, we could all use a little green hope and luck right about now, and while we wish Pistachio could join our team as a mascot, we’d like to express our excitement by gifting all of his 3,000 neighbors with Wonderful Pistachios.”

No stranger to pop culture moments, Wonderful Pistachios has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and sports to promote Wonderful Pistachios over the years. Most recently, the company teamed up with boxer Jose Ramirez, 49ers’ Richard Sherman, and the iconic Sheldon the Tortoise.

Wonderful® Pistachios is celebrating the birth of the green puppy Pistachio by donating a bag of Wonderful Pistachios to every resident of Pattada Sardinia, Italy

Wonderful Pistachios are available in traditional in-shell and also easy-to-eat and no-mess Wonderful Pistachios No Shells, which also include Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted flavors.

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