Yes! Apples Rolls Out New Retail Packaging; Tenley Fitzgerald Comments

Yes! Apples Rolls Out New Retail Packaging; Tenley Fitzgerald Comments

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GLENMONT, NY - What’s better than an exciting new look that catches the eye of any apple-loving shopper? A fresh new look that also ups the company’s commitment to sustainability, of course! New York Apple Sales’ Yes! Apples just announced the launch of innovative new packaging, with plastic bags now made with up to 5 percent less plastic and full recyclable cardboard boxes.

Tenley Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing, Yes! Apples“The choices we make factor into the choices consumers make. We know this matters to our customers, so it’s a priority for us,” said Tenley Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing. “Yes! Apples sources packaging materials from manufacturers that have adopted sustainable practices and is a member of How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public.”

Further reducing reliance on plastic packaging, Yes! Apples will also be launching updated paper totes made from recyclable and compostable paper this fall.

The supplier’s New York-grown apples can be found in a variety of retail outlets, such as Market Basket, Walmart, H-E-B, Sprouts, Costco, and more, as noted in a press release. The boxes carried by Costco support the company’s partnership with 1% for the Planet.

New York Apple Sales’ Yes! Apples launched new and innovative packaging that uses 5 percent less plastic and fully recyclable cardboard boxes

Yes! Apples is also a member of the United Fresh Produce Association Sustainability Task Force. To learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts, click here.

With sustainability at the forefront, this new packaging sets out to meet the evolving demands of shoppers as they turn their focus to eco-friendly products and packaging.

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