Morning Star Fresh Bringing Fresh Produce to Low Income Families in Bakersfield

Morning Star Fresh Bringing Fresh Produce to Low Income Families in Bakersfield

Brett Sill, Founder

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Brett Sill founded Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry in September 2013 with a simple cause in mind: bring fresh, local food to hungry Bakersfield families. While the reach of Morning Star has since expanded, its focus has not changed.

“I was crushed to find out our great city ranked #1 for food hardship in the nation! That means we have more families struggling to put food on the table than anywhere else,” Brett shares with Morning Star supporters on his website. “We are a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to feeding hungry children and families here in our very own community. These families range anywhere from fathers and mothers struggling to find work, working households fighting to make ends meet…to the disabled and the elderly.”

The mission of Morning Star is to “fight hunger and feed souls.” With $35 per month donations from countless supporters, Morning Star is able to package and deliver hundreds of family food boxes, each containing fresh meat and produce from local butchers and farms. Its list of suppliers has grown impressively since its founding, now including Country Sweet, Kirschenman Enterprises, Grimmway Farms, Bolthouse Farms, Pandol Brothers, King Pack, Big L Packers, Steve Co, Giumarra, Sunview Marketing, and John’s Quality Meats.

Those interested in contributing themselves can make a donation on Morning Star's website here.

Brett stresses that Morning Star does not just deliver food however. As a faith-based organization, Morning Star volunteers pray with the families receiving the food boxes and strive to use their faith to uplift their community.

Brett shares that his ultimate goal for Morning Star is to one day feed 1,000 Bakersfield families in need every month. From the looks of it, they're well on their way.

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