The Fresh Market Shares Food Trends for 2024

The Fresh Market Shares Food Trends for 2024

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UNITED STATES - Retailers are creating excitement in the new year in a variety of ways. As many shoppers come in looking for healthy inspiration, grocers are giving it to them. The Fresh Market is one such company gifting its customers with some inspo, recently putting forth its top five choices for 2024.

First up is Latin American flavors. Noting that foodies and chefs alike will be calling attention to the diverse cuisine of Latin America, the retailer notes the number of culinary adventures possible. From the spices of Mexico to the bold and tangy flavors of Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, Latin American flavors offer a unique and exciting culinary experience.

Cranberry ginger mocktail
Digging into this year’s rising trends, The Fresh Market has shared its top five choices for 2024

Second, The Fresh Market calls attention to mocktails. We here at ANUK love a good mocktail, since it so often is produce-forward! Made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and other unique infusions, mocktails bring a balance of texture, taste, and aromatics—all without the alcohol.

Third is my personal favorite: Global Soups and Stews for the Soul. There are few foods as warming and comforting as soup, and so many of them are laden with hearty veggies. It’s a win-win!

Shrimp pho
Among the retailer’s 2024 predictions were the prominence of Latin American flavors, mocktails, soups and stews, and more

Fourth is a continuation of the drink trend as functional beverages take center stage. Also a great nonalcoholic option, functional beverages are taking it up a notch with focus ingredients that make health delicious or elevate your mood.

And last but not least, the retailer calls attention to the low-fat legume, otherwise known as pulses. Pulses begin as humble, dry seeds from inside the pods of legume plants. When cooked, they come alive to showcase the delicious cuisine of diverse cultures. Pulses are low in fat and high in protein and fiber.

Will 2024 follow these trends or buck them? We’ll be here to report.

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