Cats Versus Bananas

Cats Versus Bananas

Mondays are hard, we understand this. To help take the edge off, take some time to enjoy the video that YouTube commentators are comparing to the Hunger Games and Battle Royale.

This compilation of felines and their seemingly nature-based arch rivalry against bananas reawakens our love for the first category to ever break the internet- silly cat videos.

From the seemingly innocent bystander banana that looks to have plopped on the kitchen floor, to the evil mastermind attacking while the innocent cat sleeps, this plotting little produce obviously has it out for these poor innocent house cats.

And their owners  laughingly record every moment while the felines fight for their lives, luckily for us.

For anyone on Team Banana, pay close attention to the cat at 0:25, who you can clearly see gets thrown across the room by this “innocent” piece of fruit. If anyone has cats, please feel free to test this out and provide your results at [email protected].