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7-Eleven Launches Cashierless Pilot at Corporate Headquarters

7-Eleven Launches Cashierless Pilot at Corporate Headquarters

IRVING, TX - When Amazon launched its Amazon Go format in 2016, it qualified it as the shopping format of the future. Four years down the road, many other retailers have flocked to the concept, as convenience continues to blend with the fresh-focused world of the industry. Enter 7-Eleven, the c-store perhaps most synonymous with late-night snacking. Now, it appears to be heading down that Amazon-Go route, launching a cashierless store at its corporate headquarters, leading us here at AndNowUKnow to wonder, is 7-Eleven positioning itself to take on non-traditional grocery formats?

Joe DePinto, Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven"Retail technology is evolving at a rapid pace and customer expectations are driving the evolution," said President and Chief Executive Officer, Joe DePinto. "Our team is dedicated to continuing 7-Eleven's legacy of innovation with industry-leading digital solutions. Most recently that has included our award winning 7Rewards loyalty platform, 7NOW on-demand delivery, mobile checkout, and now our new cashierless store."

7-Eleven is launching a cashierless store at its corporate headquarters

Similar to Amazon Go’s tech, the concept allows shoppers to walk in, grab what they need, and walk back out. In this day and age, being able to capture the busiest consumer is the way to capture a better bottom line.

Mani Suri, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, 7-Eleven"Ultimately, our goal is to exceed consumers' expectations for faster, easier transactions and a seamless shopping experience," said Mani Suri, 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. "Introducing new store technology to 7-Eleven employees first has proven to be a very productive way to test and learn before launching to a wider audience. They are honest and candid with their feedback, which enables us to learn and quickly make adjustments to improve the experience. This in-house, custom built technology by 7-Eleven engineers is designed for our current and future customers. We continue to innovate, and coupling fresh, innovative, healthy food options with a frictionless shopping experience could be a game-changer."

As consumers continue to demand more fresh options, it stands to reason that this game-changing new format has the potential to shake up—and add to—suppliers’ list of customers.

AndNowUKnow will continue to report on the evolving retail space.