Adorable Hedgehog Tries To Make A Break For It With Stolen Cherries

Adorable Hedgehog Tries To Make A Break For It With Stolen Cherries

XUANCHENG, CHINA - What did the hedgehog say before stealing all of one precinct’s cherries? Stick ‘em up!

Okay, bad jokes aside, this really did happen. Well, not the talking hedgehog part…but one little critter did try to escape a police station with cherries kebabbed on its spines.

The story went viral on social media after police officers in the city of Xuancheng posted a video depicting the tiny thief making a break for it with fruit from the station’s courtyard. Let it be known that a stolen produce story has never made the ANUK team’s eyes prickle quite like this before.

The captured hedgehog was sent off with a few cherries to take home

Officer Lin Yang first spotted the cute lil’ fellow enjoying a snack of cherries and found it “so cute,” according to BJ News, he just had to share the scene with the world. He then helped the hedgehog out by picking more cherries from the station’s trees, placing them on the hedgehog’s back so “it could take a doggy bag home.” As far as accessories go, that hedgehog was looking pretty sharp.

What’s next? De Brazza’s monkeys making away with mangos? Wombats wringing their hands over bags of watermelons they can’t quite call theirs? Horses hightailing it out of there with hijacked honeydew? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure: ANUK will be here ready to, once again, cheer against justice! (Sorry!)