Bolthouse Farms Kicks Off Second Annual People Day; Jeff Dunn, Zak Karlen, and Raul Pena Discuss

Bolthouse Farms Kicks Off Second Annual People Day; Jeff Dunn, Zak Karlen, and Raul Pena Discuss

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BAKERSFIELD, CA - As we get closer to the two-year mark since the pandemic began, Bolthouse Farms once again celebrated a new tradition with its second annual “People Day.” Held September 24, the company recognized and honored more than 100 frontline employees as they continue to go above and beyond to help grow the business, keep it running smoothly, and allow the company to fulfill its goal of feeding people across North America.

Jeff Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Bolthouse Farms“This is my favorite day of the year—when we get to celebrate the successful year we had and to thank each and every one of our employees for helping to make Bolthouse Farms the company we all know we can,” said Chief Executive Officer Jeff Dunn.

“People Day” positions the company as a premier employer, as it promotes a safe, innovative, productive, and positive work environment and recognizes employees ranked as high performers for the past fiscal year.

Bolthouse Farms recently held its second annual "People Day," recognizing and honoring more than 100 frontline employees

A total of 25 top performing frontline employees from five distinct workgroups were awarded one of five Carrot Orange 2021 GMC® Terrain vehicles or one of four sets of cash bonuses in the amounts of $10,000, $7,500, $5,000, or $2,500. According to a press release, an additional 81 recipients received a bonus of $1,000. Awards were given to employees from its Bakersfield, California; Hodgkins, Illinois; Prosser, Washington; and Tolleson, Arizona facilities.

Zak Karlen, General Manager, Bolthouse Farms“I am proud to recognize these employees who truly live and breathe Bolthouse Farms company culture—People Powering Purpose—each and every day,” said Zak Karlen, General Manager, Bolthouse Farms. “Celebrating our people is key to our culture, where we put people first. Congratulations to each of the top performers recognized, as they are the ones who make a difference by going above and beyond with their commitment, leadership, and performance every day.”

Top performers were nominated by their supervisors, using criteria including skill assessments; key performance indicators specific to their job, safety, and attendance; as well as demonstrating Bolthouse Farms’ company culture and values. Employees from each workgroup were presented to the senior leadership team, who evaluated the employees’ performance for award selection.

The supplier’s Raul Pena was the recipient of one of five Carrot Orange 2021 GMC® Terrain vehicles provided by Bolthouse Farms

“Since 1988, I have been part of the Bolthouse Farms family—I come to work, do my job, and do a good job,” said Raul Pena, Foreman of the Irrigation Team at the company’s farm in Cuyama, California, and recipient of one of the vehicles. “Being recognized during People Day this year and receiving one of the new vehicles, I truly felt that my hard work is recognized, appreciated, and noticed by our leaders.”

We extend a heartfelt congratulations and thank you to all these invaluable frontline workers.

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