Brian Antle Discusses 2016 Greater Vision Event

Brian Antle Discusses 2016 Greater Vision Event

MONTEREY, CA – As California continues to grow as a vital center for fresh produce growth and innovation, the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation, in collaboration with CSU Monterey Bay College of Business and PG&E, is kicking off its annual Greater Vision 2016 educational event tomorrow, October 26th. This year’s topic…The Future of Labor: The Impact of Technology on Employment and Community Life in the Salinas Valley.

Brian Antle, Vice President of Harvest at Tanimura & Antle and a guest speaker at the event, joined me to discuss the impact of such a program and what the pressing issues of today mean for California.

Brian Antle, Vice President of Harvest, Tanimura & Antle

“The vegetable industry is faced with a workforce that is aging out, with no one to fill their positions on the farm due to tighter restrictions on the border, access to higher education for the next generation, and few domestic workers willing to do the jobs,” Brian tells me. “This event provides an opportunity to bring together industry leaders and Salinas Valley knowledge and expertise, to address the hot topics and challenges of today.” 

The Greater Vision program, launched in 2006, is a free annual event that addresses the contemporary issues facing the agricultural industry and the community. Designed for students, professionals, and community members, this program is open to all those interested in the future of agriculture in California and the industry in which we all hope to thrive.

Brian shares some of the possible solutions that can address the growing labor problem, and how technology aligned with collaboration can truly help the cause.

“Automation and robotics will have to bridge the gap between lack of labor and increases in demand for fresh vegetables and fruit,” Brian says. “There have been massive gains made in the fields of automation but nothing has yet been created that can efficiently replicate the skilled labor being done by humans, and also do it in a variety of conditions they experience in the field including wind, rain, and mud.”

Grower-Shipper Association

So, what are some of the main goals of the Greater Vision program?

  • To foster an informed dialogue on the impact of the CIT, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and IOT technology-based agricultural revolution on Salinas Valley employment and life
  • Frame opportunities and challenges, and find solutions to the problems of economic, technological, social change
  • To inform, educate, and raise visibility and impact of Salinas Valley agriculture industry with attendees across the region 
  • To raise the visibility and impact of the GSAF and the CSUMB Agribusiness Program

Along with Brian, a host of industry leaders will also be addressing the crowd, from President of the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin, and former California Secretary of Agriculture A.G. Kawamura, to Ray E. Corpuz, Jr., who has over 24 years as City Manager, currently for Salinas, and Julio Sanchez, GM of RAMCO Enterprises.

The day will kick off at 8 a.m. when an expo will bring the topics direct to attendees, along with a Welcome Address from Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin and a host of speakers and panels to bring insights to attendees throughout the day.

Clear your calendar for tomorrow if you can, and pen in this not-to-be-missed event!

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