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Chiquita Launches

Chiquita Launches "Fuel the Fun" Program With New Banana Stickers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - This past September, Chiquita announced its “Fuel the Fun” promotion, encouraging fans around the world to submit their own unique Chiquita banana sticker design. Each fan-submitted entry offered the chance to win exciting prizes and be featured on the brand’s famous blue sticker. Now, the banana company is pleased to announce twenty winners and fourteen fabulous designs that will appear on 200 million Chiquita bananas across the globe between February and March 2020.

“Chiquita bananas are the perfect snack to keep both adults and children fueled throughout the day, as they provide energy-boosting vitamins, nutrients, and natural sugars without undesirable sugar spikes,” said Jamie Postell, Director of Sales North America. “Beyond our banana’s nutritional benefits, Chiquita is also committed to highlighting the fun side of healthy living. The sticker designs we received for our ‘Fuel the Fun’ promotion are a testament to how Chiquita bananas can inspire imagination and creativity among our fans. We’re proud to announce the winning designs and highlight the designers’ creativity on store shelves.”

Chiquita's "Fuel the Fun" program allowed fans to submit fun and creative designs for a unique Chiquita banana sticker

The lucky “Fuel the Fun” winners include:

  • Regina R., Alexandria H. and Aviva M. from the United States
  • Karolien S., Tim de L. and Jenny C. from the Netherlands
  • Valérie G., Elodie D., Caroline C. from Belgium
  • Valentina A., Mariangela R., Carlo Andrea S. from Italy
  • Maria S., Charalambos D., Maria T. from Greece
  • Mara G., Alexandra U. and Sonja M. from Germany
  • Martina K. and Simone H. from Austria

The chosen designs will become an important part of the long and fascinating history of Chiquita’s world-renowned blue sticker. Globally-famous versions of the sticker include the brand’s annual pink sticker supporting breast cancer awareness and research; the fitness stickers, and the limited edition Ricardo Cavolo stickers. According to a press release, the winning designs will also be featured in Chiquita’s sales materials and brought to life on the brand’s website.

The company also recently released its updated sustainability report, which highlights the brand’s commitment to a more sustainable business model with a focus on supporting local communities, especially children. The brand’s involvement with children and school kids has been strong from the beginning and the company is engaged in investing for future generations. As part of its “Being a Good Neighbor” initiative, Chiquita shows its commitment to the communities its employees live in and supports the education of the employees’ children, investing in school infrastructure and offering school packages. The company distributes over 3,300 school packages to children of employees in its tropical areas of production, which include Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The school packages from Chiquita aim to support students with the material needed to give all the children the opportunity to excel in education. Chiquita’s approach to supporting local communities is embedded within the ‘Behind the Blue sticker’ sustainability approach.

Keep your eyes peeled for these innovative new stickers popping up across the market! Keep coming back to us at AndNowUKnow for all of your fresh produce news.


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