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Christa Wagner Discusses The Little Potato Company's Latest Products

Christa Wagner Discusses The Little Potato Company's Latest Products

EDMONTON, ALBERTA - I am a lover of potatoes; my favorite way to eat them is to cut them up into wedges, throw whatever seasonings I have at my disposal, pop them into the oven, and peek at them Great British Bake Off-style. Admittedly, the whole entire process takes me a good 30-50 minutes (depending on how many I make). Now that I’ve talked with Christa Wagner, Director of Advertising & Promotions for The Little Potato Company, I may have to buy some of these new Easy Sides products coming out. Man, she sure does her job well.

Christa Wagner, Director of Advertising and Promotions, The Little Potato Company“Easy Sides is a super convenient product for consumers; our potatoes are pre-cooked and pre-seasoned. All you have to do is open them up, put them in a skillet, and you will get crispy potatoes in just seven minutes,” Christa tells me. “They’re super easy to eat, mom-friendly, weeknight-friendly, and great for anyone who is time-starved and is looking for no-stress dinner solutions.”

The Easy Sides line is available in Onion & Garlic, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Paprika & Bell Pepper, and Sweet Bell Pepper & Onion. Not only are the various flavors delicious, consumers can enjoy crispy potatoes straight from the skillet in a quicker fashion. But if time is really tight, you can have Little potatoes in five minutes with Microwave Ready Kits.

The Little Potato Company’s Easy Sides make cooking dinner easy, healthy, and stress-free

“The other new product we’re launching at PMA is an extension to our best-selling Microwave Ready line,” Christa continues. “These take five minutes, and we are adding a zesty new flavor, Lemon & Garden Herb, to our already popular family of products.”

In talking to Christa, The Little Potato Company has done a great deal of consumer research and better understands what consumers want. The company now has a variety of products to meet the needs of different consumers’ taste and cooking styles—any night of the week. If you’re itching to cook the old-fashioned way or you have any favorite recipe ideas to play with, the company’s Little Creamers, named for the naturally buttery taste and creamy texture, are available in 1.5- and 3-lb bags. They come pre-washed, making the fresh bagged Little potatoes a time saver in the kitchen. No matter how you enjoy them, The Little Potato Company's Creamers are bred to be small and easy to eat with the tasty and nutritious skin, so no peeling needed!

Along with the new Easy Sides and Microwave Ready Kits, the company also offers fresh, Oven/Grill Ready Kits in four flavors. For bigger gatherings this season, the 3 lb Holiday Blend of the Terrific Trio will be featured this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you’ll be attending PMA Fresh Summit this year, stop by booth #789 to find out more on what The Little Potato Company is up to. Stay tuned with AndNowUKnow as we cover the event in the months to come.

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