Concord Food's Samantha McCaul Talks New Fresh Success Seasoning Line

Concord Food's Samantha McCaul Talks New Fresh Success Seasoning Line

BROCKTON, MA - As PMA Fresh Summit readies itself to deliver a flavor-packed produce punch to attendees coming into New Orleans later this month, Concord Foods is preparing a flavor punch of its own. The company is debuting its Fresh Success branded produce-focused seasoning line, all of which have been reformulated to include no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Samantha McCaul, Marketing Manager, Concord Foods“Concord Fresh Success is a line of seasoning mixes that boosts the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables so that moms can delight their families with tasty variety,” Samantha McCaul, the company’s Marketing Manager tells me. “Our consumers are busy moms–they want to make vegetable dishes more interesting and flavorful, so their kids will be encouraged to eat more of them. With our mixes, consumers can easily make a variety of vegetable dishes that their families will love. They feel smart about the way they’re taking care of their family.”

Available starting mid-October, the Fresh Success seasoning line includes all of the mixes the company has been known for, but with a reformulated, more natural blend. The current product lineup includes: 

  • Guacamole Seasoning

  • Salsa Seasoning

  • Roasted Potato Seasoning

  • Coleslaw

  • Broccoli Soup Mix

  • Onion Ring Batter

  • And more! 

And Samantha says this line will continue to grow and include other innovative mixes for flavoring both fresh fruits and vegetables.

Concord Foods Fresh Success Guacamole Seasoning Mix

Currently available in 18-pack cases and 144-pack shipper displays redesigned to include Concord Fresh Success signage, Samantha was happy to share some of her expert merchandising tips with me to make the most of Concord Fresh Express seasonings at retail.

“Its best to merchandise a Concord Fresh Success’ seasoning mix with its fresh companion item, such as Guacamole Mix with avocados. This is a great way to encourage cross-purchasing,” Samantha explains. “Our millennial consumers also really enjoy discovering unexpected recipes and uses for products/fresh items. This is an opportunity to create fun displays for seasonal recipes that will catch their attention. As example of an unexpected recipe, making corn chowder using our broccoli soup mix, or delicious, roasted Brussels sprouts with our Greens & Kale Seasoning Mix. We are also happy to provide recipes and signage support for these displays.”

Concord Foods Fresh Success Bacon & Chive Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix

In addition to our seasoning mixes, Concord Foods also launched a line of fruit and vegetable smoothie mixes rebranded as Concord Fresh Success. The smoothie mixes will be available for purchase in December 2017.

“We’ve received great feedback on both the products and packaging from retailers. Everyone is very excited about our fresh design and our ingredient updates, and we’ll also be supporting Concord Fresh Success’ sales with a consumer-facing public relations and social media effort,” Samantha adds. “In addition, we will be launching in the coming weeks. This new website will be a great place for consumers to learn more about our products and discover recipe ideas.”

Want to check out the company’s seasonings and smoothie mixes for yourself? Visit Concord Foods at PMA booth #1345 and get your hands on this exciting new line.

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