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Crown Jewels Grows Mexican Produce Program and New King's Taste Label

Crown Jewels Grows Mexican Produce Program and New King's Taste Label

NOGALES, AZ - As the month of October comes to a close, Crown Jewels is ramping up its Nogales fall produce program in Mexico’s growing regions, with new developments on the horizon and a growing portfolio for retail partners.

The company has begun harvesting its core program in Mexico, consisting of cucumbers and a full spectrum of squash varieties that include zucchini, yellow, and gray. These items will run through the middle of July. Eggplants are on the horizon as well, and will begin shipping in the middle of November with bell peppers coming the first week of December. Crown Jewels’ main Mexican growing regions are in Sinaloa and Sonora, allowing them close proximity to their offices in Nogales, Arizona, for distribution in the U.S. and Canada.

Jesus Gonzalez, General Manager, Crown Jewels“Cucumbers and squash are two of our longest running commodities and as our retail partners continue to see more and more demand, we are increasing our supplies from Mexico to answer these growing trends,” Jesus Gonzalez, General Manager, tells me. 

Crown Jewels Cucumbers

Crown Jewels is also kicking off its Mexican melon program beginning with watermelon and followed by honeydew, cantaloupe and mini-seedless watermelon. This program is offered during the fall and spring months to support the company’s evolving program. 

And speaking of growth, Crown Jewels is bringing two new items into its fold - hard squash and grapefruit. The hard squash will kick off in November with the season running through May, and Grapefruit will come on in mid-November and will go until March.  All of these produce items will be packed under the Crown Jewels label.

“We always maintain a consistent focus on research and development,” Jesus says. “Whether that involves bringing a variety to market, or looking for better ways to respond to the latest challenges and climate conditions in our growing areas, the team at Crown Jewels never sits still for long.”

Crown Jewels Bell Peppers

Grapes are also an important focus for Crown Jewels and the company anticipates incredible growth at the close of the Nogales season.

“Last year’s 2015 grape season was a great growth year for us, and this upcoming 2016 Mexico grape season will be another substantial increase to our total grape program with new plantings in all growing areas,” Jesus adds.

In addition, Crown Jewels will be shipping grapes from Peru in November - another new development in the program. The company will have availability in crimsons, flames, thompsons and sugraones from Peru’s growing regions.

“Crown Jewels is offering more innovative programs for our customers this coming year.  We find that our retail partners are looking for more opportunities to offer key produce items for longer durations, and we are working with our growers to expand our seasons and availability.”

Crown Jewels Team in Nogales, AZ

As the company looks to establish new and unique programs, Crown Jewels is also launching a reinvigorated label for select produce items, dubbed King’s Taste. The label has been around since 1901, and was obtained from Crown Jewels’ pear and apple grower/packer partner Doug Hemly of Courtland, California.  King’s Taste will be used by Crown Jewels for various vegetables from melons and grapes to pear and apple packaging applications.

Crown Jewels King Taste Label

Stay tuned as we bring you more on the development of this new label from Crown Jewels and more.

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