Dillon D’Arrigo Opens Up About Career With D’Arrigo New York

Dillon D’Arrigo Opens Up About Career With D’Arrigo New York

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NEW YORK CITY, NY - We love learning more about industry members, and D’Arrigo New York recently spotlighted one of its own. In a newsletter, the distributor turned the limelight to Dillon D’Arrigo, Director of Fruits Sales and Procurement.

One of the opening questions put to Dillon was why he decided to join D’Arrigo New York.

Dillon D’Arrigo, Director of Fruits Sales and Procurement, D'Arrigo New York“I always watched my father growing up and really admired the work ethic and sense of purpose that he got from it. I worked summers here as a kid and just got hooked,” he explained, echoing a sentiment that many within the fresh produce business share. “There is a real sense of pride that comes with working in a family business.”

The family business is a major source of pride for Dillon, as he goes on to detail.

“The three generations before mine gave me and my cousins the opportunity to come into a successful, stable, and ever-growing business. When the 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. alarms hit me poorly, I think back to the summer of 2012 and how much fun that was as a teenager being able to go to work with my dad, brother, and two best friends,” he noted. “Take pride and look forward to working every day with a great group of employees (top to bottom). [I] appreciate being able to spend 50-plus hours a week with my cousins, sister, dad, and two uncles. I cherish the relationships with my customers and vendors.”

In a recent interview, D'Arrigo New York spotlighted Dillon D’Arrigo, Director of Fruits Sales and Procurement, who discussed his career and pride in the family business

His father Michael D’Arrigo imparted further advice, telling his son to be the first one in and the last out—and to get good rest when you can. Coffee is a must—even from my vantage point, coffee is a staple!

When asked where he sees the company in 20 years, Dillon had this to say.

“Wholesale is really day-to-day business, but based on the past and present, I see the company expanding to different parts of the Northeast and continuing the legacy that the generations before us built,” he remarked. “My grandfather, my father, and my uncles have instilled values into my generation that consist of honesty, integrity, and hard work. The common denominator amongst anyone/anything that is successful is hard work. Love the work, do the work, appreciate the work…so you and generations after you can do the same.”

We’ll continue to report on those making the produce industry tick, so stay tuned to ANUK.

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