Dole Food Company Prepares to Celebrate National Banana Day; Bil Goldfield and Melanie Marcus Share

Dole Food Company Prepares to Celebrate National Banana Day; Bil Goldfield and Melanie Marcus Share

CHARLOTTE, NC - What’s more appealing than a delicious banana? Effective marketing and promotions, that’s what. In honor of National Banana Day on April 19, Dole is peeling away 30 unexpected uses for the ubiquitous banana, and I’m throwing an extra fun tip: it’s easier to peel a banana by pinching the bottom instead of the stem. Take that and blow your shoppers’ minds away with it.

Bil Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company“Convenient, economical, nutrient-packed, naturally sweet, just the right size for kids’ lunches, and offering their own biodegradable packaging, bananas are practically the perfect food—and also one of the most versatile items in your home,” said Bil Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications. “Given the many surprising sides to everyone’s favorite produce, we’re peeling back 30 days’ worth of unexpected recipes and household uses, blog and social posts, appearances by Dole’s Bobby Banana, and other surprises throughout April in honor of National Banana Day.”

That’s right, one fun way to enjoy bananas for every single day of April. As noted in the release, the supplier’s first-ever 30-day banana tribute comes two years after the global produce leader decided one day wasn’t enough to honor all things banana and went to a week-long celebration for National Banana Day in 2021. Since then, the love for bananas has met no bounds.

In honor of National Banana Day on April 19, Dole is sharing 30 unexpected uses for bananas

From sushi and iced coffee to plant care and moisturizing, the company has come up with unanticipated ways to use the DOLE® banana, including several dishes thought up by Melanie Marcus MA, RD, and Dole’s Nutrition And Health Communications Manager.

Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, Nutrition and Health Communications Manager, Dole Food Company“We all know that bananas are packed with nutrients, but even the peel contains various bioactive compounds, rich phenolics, and anti-inflammatory properties that can fertilize the garden, ripen other produce, soothe a hangover, and more,” said Marcus. “At the end of the day, I like to say that bananas are the hardest-working produce in the produce department.”

So, what can you do with this yellow fruit? Take a gander at a few choice ideas below:

  • April 1 Learn how to tattoo. Tattoo artists are known to practice their skills on a banana. (No, this is not April Fools)
  • April 6Make sushi
  • April 9 Make banana iced coffee for your Easter morning!
  • April 15 Attract birds and butterflies
  • April 16 Throw on the grill unpeeled for a naturally sweet dessert
  • April 19 – Happy National Banana Day! Celebrate the best day of the year
  • April 22 ­– Eat the peel (and love it) to practice Earth Day sustainability
  • April 23 Blend up the original Dole Whip of Disney parks fame
  • April 27Honor Elvis Presley by making his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich

For more ways to help your shoppers celebrate throughout April, click here.

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