Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Martin Jefferson Discusses Tight Cauliflower Market

Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Martin Jefferson Discusses Tight Cauliflower Market

SALINAS, CA - The pre-Christmas cauliflower market is continuing to boom, and with demand projected to stay strong even after the holiday rush dies down, I spoke with Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ Production Manager Martin Jefferson on what retailers can expect.

Martin Jefferson, Production Manager, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“Essentially there is a ‘gap’ in the supply,” Martin shared with me, noting that pricing for the category is up above average. “Cauliflower is spiking due to the tightening in available product that is ready to harvest. With the warm and pleasant weather we experienced earlier in the season, much of the cauliflower was ahead of schedule and came off earlier than we expected.”

Jefferson tells me the market will likely remain high through Christmas, as demand will continue to be strong and the cooler weather pattern in southern growing regions will keep growth down to a slower pace.

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“For over two weeks, we have seen considerable nighttime chilling, and more recently have started to get colder daytime temperatures,” Martin explains. “This is slowing growth and will add to the length of time it will take for supplies to rebound.”

Even in that chilly winter weather, however, quality is remaining excellent, ensuring beautiful, delicious, and nutritious veggie plates from Christmas to New Year’s and beyond.

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