Duda Farm Fresh Foods Details The Current Broccoli Market

Duda Farm Fresh Foods Details The Current Broccoli Market

YUMA, AZ - For Duda Farm Fresh Foods, quality is imperative for advancing its mission of providing the vegetable varieties necessary for consumers to build healthy, flavorful meals. This, of course, includes long-time classic broccoli. With this specific veg in mind, I tapped David Garcia, Commodity Procurement Manager, to check in on the state of the crop this season.

“We are currently in the middle of our winter season,” David began. “Quality has been great all season—even though the cold weather has put the crop behind schedule.”

Despite inclement weather, Duda Farm Fresh Foods reports high-quality broccoli as it continues to reap the benefits of its winter harvest

Rainy days and cool temperatures have been clogging up major growing regions’ forecasts of late, leading many growers to do what they can to keep schedules on track. Fortunately, as David said, the only effect the weather has had on this season’s winter broccoli crop is putting it behind schedule. Other than that, David noted all the positives we at ANUK love to hear.

“Our volume is up about 25 percent over last year as business has grown,” David continued. “The market is very good right now, and there has been a spike in demand. As we make our way into February, the weather starts to get warmer and days get longer so supplies should be a little more consistent.”

There you have it: Nothing is getting in the way of Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ mission of bringing high-quality vegetables to consumers.

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