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Engage3's Mobile App ShoppingScout is Gaining Traction with Tens of Thousands of Users

Engage3's Mobile App ShoppingScout is Gaining Traction with Tens of Thousands of Users

DAVIS, CA – Engage3 Co-Founder Tim Ouimet joined news broadcaster Good Day Sacramento to discuss the company’s mobile shopping app, ShoppingScout. 

Check out the video below! 

 Engage3’s Tim Ouimet Featured on Good Day Sacramento – External Link

ShoppingScout is a free web and mobile application that organizes and simplifies the shopping process with advanced analytics. It captures a consumer's Intent-to-Buy for retailers, helping to unlock the 'why' behind purchasing and store-selection decisions.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the app, which The McClatchy Company recently invested in, reports prices at approximately 30,000 stores owned by 10 to 12 chains. The McClatchy Company owns The Bee and 28 other newspapers.  Engage3 will be enlisting the ShoppingScout community to increase that number by auditing prices to allow the company to more rapidly expand the stores it covers.

Ken Ouimet, Engage3 Co-Founder“We’ll give consumers a mission of prices to collect in different stores,” Co-Founder Ken Ouimet explained to The Bee, “and they’ll go in on like a treasure hunt for different items, and they’ll report the prices of those items, and we’ll pay them for doing that. It might be in the form of a retailer’s gift card that they get...This will allow us to fill out our database faster, and our app then will be a make-money, save-money app.”

The app is as powerful as it is simple to use. Users log on through their smartphones to create shopping lists, which ShoppingScout's sophisticated algorithms use to learn about the consumer's preferences. It turns this data into an optimized, personalized shopping list based on the stores the user is willing to consider, their indicated product preferences, and other factors including price and health attributes such as organic and gluten free.

For the user, once you put your shopping list into the app, either by manually typing or scanning a barcode, and update which stores you like to shop at, ShoppingScout will give you the number of items you selected that each store carries and how much money you can save.  It then offers a recommendation on which store you should choose.

Tens of thousands of shoppers currently use ShoppingScout to find the best retail price for their groceries. 

The app is free and available for iPhone and Android users.


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