Frieda's Adds New Winter Citrus Items To Grab-N-Go Packaging Line

Frieda's Adds New Winter Citrus Items To Grab-N-Go Packaging Line

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Despite the dull and dreary colors often associated with wintertime, walking into this season’s produce department is like a technicolor dream. Citrus will account for much of the warm hues that surface this time of year, and Frieda’s Specialty Produce is putting its most beloved products front and center. The company is offering new grab-n-go citrus pouches for two new items: mandarinquats and lemonade lemons, with the goal of upping the Vitamin C intake for time-crunched consumers.

Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing and Innovation, Frieda's“Our data shows that the Frieda’s brand means something to shoppers and helps to get them over the hump of trying something new,” says Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing and Innovation. “Because some of these items can be intimidating, we like to help them get ideas on how to enjoy our products. Using our packaging to educate makes it easy and convenient for shoppers!”

The new additions to the Frieda's packaging line helps to push consumers to try new and exciting products

According to a press release, mandarinquats are a hybrid of two favorites—mandarins and kumquats—both of which can be used to add a punch of citrus flavor to any dish. Frieda’s lemonade lemons are delightfully sweet, so retailers should recommend eating them as is, peel and all.

All this information can be found on Frieda’s branded citrus packaging, which has always been a retailer favorite because of its convenience, ease of merchandising, and low shrink. With a third of all consumers making their purchasing decisions based on packaging, Frieda’s wants to ensure that retailers have the best opportunity to grow incremental winter citrus sales.

All new items will be available in January, so call your Frieda’s Account Manager today for more information about its winter citrus line-up! For more on how companies are supporting their retail partners this winter, keep reading ANUK.

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