General Produce Unveils New Brand Image; Jeff Sacchini and Max Johnson Discuss

General Produce Unveils New Brand Image; Jeff Sacchini and Max Johnson Discuss

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SACRAMENTO, CA - To complement General Produce’s ongoing growth, the family-owned wholesale distributor of fresh produce and specialty food has unveiled a new brand image. Recently, the company completed phase one of the rebrand, redesigning its fleet with a fresh, bold look. All of this also coincides with several new state-of-the-art facilities that will play a key role in General Produce’s go-to-market strategies.

Jeff Sacchini, Chief Executive Officer, General Produce“The last two years have been a time to be bold and strategic in preparation for a robust and bright future," said Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Sacchini. “Controlling our own destiny relies on having more capacity to grow our customer base, expand product lines, and build our company culture. We’re excited to find ourselves in this position as more foodservice and retail establishments respond to the great need of providing a broad range of healthy food options. From meal kit companies to hospitality, there is pent up demand for quality goods. We’re in an excellent position to deliver those goods."

General Produce’s fleet now features playful iconography and the “Delivering Goodness” tagline emblazoned on the vehicles, a release noted.

Expanding its go-to-market strategy, General Produce has unveiled a rebrand and the opening of new state-of-the-art facilities

These new updates reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to outstanding service, quality products, and community engagement, which it has continued to build on since 1933.

The graphics for the fleet were created by MJR Creative Group, a company long associated with the food and beverage industry.

The new brand image will be implemented in phases, with phase one, the rebrand of its fleet, already completed

Through a partnership with MJR and EQUIPT Graphics, General Produce also incorporated rolling billboards on bobtails and trailers.

Max Johnson, Transportation Manager, General Produce“Our three companies worked hand-in-hand from design to install,” stated Max Johnson, Transportation Manager. “This monumental undertaking happened without disruption to regular delivery schedules. Our fleet now represents the high standards of our organization, along with sights on the future. Seeing them on the road gives our team something to be proud of.”

In addition to these updates to its fleet, General Produce announced the completion of a new office complex and a warehouse facility to support future growth.

What does the next phase of General Produce’s rebrand entail? Stick with AndNowUKnow to find out.

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